Welcome to the Subway Extension

York University Station South Entrance

The Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension is a $2.6 billion project, fully funded by the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments, which will extend the TTC subway system from Downsview Subway Station to the City of Vaughan, with two stations on campus:  York University and Pioneer Village.  The subway’s arrival will alter the York experience –  vastly improving how thousands of people commute daily, and integrating York more fully into its surrounding communities.

Construction is currently underway in preparation for the start of tunneling and station construction during 2011.  As the project advances, the intensity of construction activity will increase.  At all stages of the project, every possible effort will be made to communicate effectively with the community about construction progress.

On this website, construction notices issued by the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension are listed under "TYSSE Construction Notices". Subway construction updates issued by York University are listed in the "Bulletins" section.  All notices and updates are listed in chronological order with descriptive headings.